“L’Isola del Cinema”, born in 1995 to celebrate the birth Centenary of the Seventh Art on the astonishing location of the Tiber Island, already UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most evocative landmarks of Rome.

Over the years, “L’Isola del Cinema”, loved and supported by several of the main National and International public Authorities and Institutions – among the others, by UNESCO – has become one of the main “stages” for the Italian and International Film Industry. Our festival seeks the purpose of welcoming some of the best original international film industries for the first time on Italian big screens. Thanks to its constant collaboration with several Foreign Embassies and Cultural Institutions, L’Isola del Cinema has been home to over 100 Countries’ Film Industries, welcoming many national and world premieres of their flagship movies.

“L’Isola del Cinema”, already a place of contemporaneity, offers both a cinematographic and cultural programme enriched by the fundamentals of our Era. Our cinema programme will be complemented by those arts and artistic languages that, by themselves, enrich and support Cinema: music, theatre, literature, performative arts and poetry.

We know that the Cinema, as an art, likes to experiment and we think that only by experimenting with other arts and new technologies and techniques we would be able to create new perspectives and broaden into new horizons.

“L’Isola del Cinema” is aware of the importance of conveying to our audience the grandeur and the thrill of Cinema, and for this reason its wide-raging cultural programme offers many of the shapes of the Seventh Art: from the Old and New Classics to the new frontiers of Immersive Cinema (VR and 360°).

“L’Isola del Cinema” is more and more aware of the major issues of present days: our festival goes green, focusing on renewable energy and becoming “smarter” by employing new technologies. Our festival also focuses on tourism as key factor responsible for the spread of knowledge and as point of converge for our international audience.

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