Along with the arrival of new technologies, the usage of video and audiovideo content has changed, bringing the audience into a new inclusive, dynamic and interactive dimension, by enriching the traditional cinema offer.

New technologies make the audiovisual product more immersive, captivating, exiting and “active”: the audience shifts from a passive viewer point to an active, main-character-like, role. This shift in perspective, along with the strong emotional element of these technologies, make this kind of experience extremely of high impact. The participation is complete: sensorial, emotional, cognitional.

L’Isola del Cinema, in collaboration with Modo Cominicazione and with the artistic direction of Iconialab, will make the immersive experience possible on the Tiber Island with its IMMERSIVE VR Cinema Venue and its GAMING (VR) Venue.

L’Isola del Cinema, in collaborazione con Modo Comunicazione e con la Direzione Artistica di Iconialab, renderà possibile l’esperienza immersiva sull’Isola Tiberina con una Sala Immersiva VR ed una Sala Gaming VR.

Immersive Venue

L’Isola del Cinema explores and welcomes the products created with the latest technologies, result of the process of innovation and evolution of the audiovisual language. Our will is to promote and publicise the VR Cinema products, since they represent the “practice” of give expressions to these new forms of artistic experimentation. Original works that express new trends and that open to new horizons, promoting new visions. The artists we will select will demonstrate the ability to merge art and technology, moving boundaries until they create a new way of making movies. Our venue will host some of the most relevant production in cinema vr and some of the most acclaimed production form international film festival (Venice VR, VR Days Amsterdam..), shifting from genre to genre (docu-movies, dramas, one-player-like narratives..)

Gaming Venue: Gaming, Cinema and Enhancement of the Cultural Heritage

Nowadays the gaming and cinema are even more close than you expect.  Several narrative cinema elements have been increasingly used by videogame productions (soundtracks, screenplaying and directing elements): a merger that resulted in the creation of something unique and extraordinary. It is no coincidence that some of the most important directors have been experimenting with gaming: Spielberg with his Medal of Honor, Peter Jackson with King Kong and George Lucas with his production company, Lucasfilm.

In our gaming venue we want to explore and make room to the Gaming World into our cinema programme, highlighting its relationship with cinema and its ability of enhancing the territory and heritage.

ARTOURS VR experiences will allow our audience to visit a new kind of museums, the virtual and immersive ones, through a fluid platform that hosts digitally recreated masterpieces usually exposed in international museums. Our audience will be able to “enter” inside paintings and art installations, visiting the piece from the very inside, exploring it in a new and exciting point of view.

Saranno, quindi realizzati dei percorsi ARTOUR in VR tour virtuali a 360°: una sorta di un museo ex novo, che diventa una piattaforma in grado di ospitare opere, ricreate in digitale, presenti nei musei più prestigiosi del mondo. È possibile poi entrare in un quadro, visitarlo immergendosi nell’opera pittorica per esplorarne i lati più nascosti e inaccessibili.