Groups: minimum 10 pax

Days: Monday and Wednesday Hours: 6PM

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That the Tiber Island is marvelous is anything but a secret, that it is really known is less obvious: to discover it in its less known aspects, the Island of Cinema proposes, thanks to the collaboration of the Volunteers S. Riccardo Pampuri (Fatebenefratelli) exclusive tours for groups with extraordinary access to places that are generally closed to the public and full of charm and mystery.

The Ossuary Crypt of the Sacconi Rossi with access to Piazza S. Bartolomeo all’Isola: who would have thought that such a small door could lead to underground rooms covered and “decorated” with human bones – those of the dead of a particular brotherhood that often also took care of giving a burial to the drowned in the Tiber:

The Church of S. Giovanni Calibita of 1640 – incorporated in the structure of the Fatebenefratelli built on a temple dedicated to Juppiter Jurarius – The God Jupiter guarantor of the Oath “of which important traces have been found.

The visits end with the group dinner on the Tiber Island at the “La Cena” Restaurant Pizzeria in front of the suggestive Broken Bridge.