Once again, the cinema and culture of the Land of the Rising Sun will be protagonists of our events on the Tiber Island. For the 11th year in a row, L’Isola del Cinema will host its Japanese event, in collaboration with the Japanese Embassy in Italy, the Japanese Cultural Institute in Rome and the JNTO (National association for Japanese Tourism). The comedy we present is set in Okinawa island, and focuses on the amazing and breathtaking landscapes and rural culture of the Ryukyu archipelago. Our audience will be able to discover those touristic destinations promoted by JNTO, they will try the ancient art of calligraphy and wear the traditional yukata while losing themselves into the astonishing atmosphere of our japanese summer festival. Those and other events will be hosted in our venues on the Tiber Island that will become, in this occasion, a new “Japanese Island”.


4 July h 21.15 | Arena Groupama – Born Bone Born

(Senkotsu, 洗骨, Giappone, 2018, 111’, bluray)

Director and Screenplay: Toshiyuki Teruya (Gori)

Music: Kazuya Sahara

Cast: Eiji Okuda (Nobutsuna), Michitaka Tsutsui (Tsuyoshi), Ayame Misaki (Yuko).

Italian Premiere

Genre: commedia/dramma familiare


Okinawa, village in Aguni. During the anniversary of her mother’s death and during the senkotsu ceremony (washing of the bones) the daughter Yuko, at the end of her first pregnancy, and her elder father meet on the island. At the beginning of the ritual, we follow the story into an unknown and moving land of family bonding and love for the deceased. .



Okinawa, at southeast of the main islands of the Japanese archipelago, has preserved its cultural strengths and millennial traditions made of dances in honour of the deaths, its healthy gastronomy said to be the secret of the longevity of its inhabitants along with the ancient art of karate, martial art practiced all over the world.