L’Isola del Cinema is proud to present a selection of Cuban film productions in occasion of the celebration of the 6oth anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the constitution of the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinema Industry (ICAIC), Cuba’s first cultural institution. Some of the most successful Cuban productions have been named among this century most beautiful productions in cinema history, films like Memoria del subdesarollo (1968) by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Lucía (1968) by Humberto Solás. Both films have been restored by the Cineteca di Bologna in collaboration with ICAIC, with support from the Turner Classic Movies and the Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project. The programme proposal of Cuban classic and contemporary films during our XXV edition of L’Isola del Cinema offers a vary seletions of products, from the past to the present of the Cuban Island, products selected for their connotative aestetic and cultural beauty that chacarterised the Cuban film production.


18 August h 21.45 | Schermo Tevere – LA BELLA DEL ALHAMBRA 

18 August h 21.15 | Cinelab – POR LA PRIMERA VEZ (cortometraggio)

18 August h 21.30 | Cinelab – LUCIA

19 August h 21.30 | Cinelab – FRESA Y CHOCOLATE

19 August h 21.15 | Schermo Tevere – EL BENNY

20 August h 21.30 | Cinelab – JOSE’ MART’ EL ORTO DEL CANARIO

20 August h 21.45 | Schermo Tevere – OSLO (cortometraggio)

20 August h 22.00 | Schermo Tevere – SUITE HAVANA

21 August h 21.15 | Cinelab – NOW (cortometraggio)

21 August h 21.30 | Cinelab – MEMORIAS DE SUBDESAROLLO