Since the very beginning of our festival, in 1995, Isola Mondo has always been an international cultural window that opens to innovation. Isola Mondo is our own way to travel across countries and cultures, and it is our way to allow the citizen to discover those new cultures while staying on the Tiber river banks, living the best of their times tasting new exotic flavours, seeing new colours and new lands that, otherwise, would have remained unknown to the average audience.

The Isola Mondo selection is important for us, since with our festival we want to inspire our citizen to be more open to the foreigner, to what is different and far from us, to be more welcoming and understanding. Along with the film in selection, the music, the food and the touristic wonders of the hosted Countries will be protagonists of our Isola Mondo special nights. In 2019, to celebrate our festival 25th edition, we will host two countries from each continent: Australia and Japan, our long-time supporters and friends will return once again, along with Malaysia, Czech Republic which will be presenting for the first time its interesting emerging cinematographic offer.

Isola Mondo is an opportunity to escape the “here and now”, it is our way to push our audience out of their comfort zones. We want to encourage our audience to open their eyes to new horizons, as said by Emilio Salgari’s Malaysian narrator “our journey is in our minds”.

This selection is organised in collaboration with several Embassies and Cultural Institutions.

Joana Ginori