The Cinema of reality has plenty of room in this year programme, since we consider it a key genre in cinema that helps us to understand our world, giving the audience the chance to understand it and its important social issues, its stories and its event with a more intimate approach.

This selection of documentaries presented in our CINELAB programme, will include some titles that will be exceptionally screened in our ARENA venue. Fuoco sul Reale wil present, along the Italian filmmakers’ and documentarists’ production, international documentaries selected from several film festivals and independent productions. In our 2019 edition, L’Isola del Cinema will collaborate with the Czech Cultural Institute in Rome, is proud to present three Czech films form the last cinematographic season, concerning the social issues of this country, geographically close but culturally very different from us.


This year we will make room for those innovative and experimental production where the directors and filmmakers have decided to use new technologies and new languages in editing or narrative techniques to step outside their comfort zone and to go against the “traditional” art of filmmaking. This experimental cinema will make the audience experience new feelings, and it will force them to cross the boundaries, opening their minds. How was it possible, to experimental cinema, to push its limits to this new extent?