Our longest partner, Australia, will be once again guest in our international selection Isola Mondo. In 2019, thanks to the flair and dynamism of Australia’s Ambassador in Italy, Greg French, long-time friend of our festival. Our main venue, L’Arena, will host three days of Australian screening, opening on July 9th with a national premiere of Ladies in Black by Bruce Beresford, a comedy drama based on a novel and focusing on women’s social conditions in the 60s. On July 10th and 11th we will screen Top End Wedding, a comedy on the road and Priscilla – Queen of the Desert a 90s cult, which inspired the international musical cult.

Australian Focus is realised with the patronage and support of Australian Embassy in Italy.


9 July h 21.30 | Arena Groupama – LADIES IN BLACK di Bruce Beresford (private event)

10 July h 21.30 | Arena Groupama – TOP END WEDDING di Wayne Blair

11 July h 21.30 | Arena Groupama, THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT di Stephan Elliott