5 July: MASTERCLASS How does a vigeo game born?

On line the programme 1-15 July
28 June 2019
Online the programme 16-31 July
12 July 2019

Masterclass – How does a vigeo game born? by Rainbow Academy

LECTURER: Francesco Cricenti –  Videogames Developer and 3D Artist
2 hours

Rainbow Academy  organizes a free open lesson for all video game enthusiasts to allow them to enter behind the scenes od 360° game developing, learning all the stage behind the making of a video game, from the game design to the launch day.

OPEN LESSON – Description

Our free open lesson on video game production will show our audience the stages of gaming development, form the character and environment concept creation to the software programming, form the 2D and 3D graphic development and the real time rendering engines to the final launch day. A full immersion inside the production stages that will highlight the main roles in video game making with a demonstrative live sessions and a case history presentation.


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