18 June 2019
On line the programme 1-15 July
28 June 2019

On Thursday June 20th, 2019 we celebrate the 25th edition of “L’Isola del Cinema”, one of the most important summer events in the Capital, with a full program of events and initiatives, including Cinema and Culture, surrounded by the charm of the most suggestive island of Rome.

To open this special edition of the Festival, conceived and directed by Giorgio Ginori, at 8:30 pm will be the concert by the historic Banda dei Carabinieri, on the square framed by the suggestive Broken Bridge. Here the musicians will perform a series of piecesfrom movies soundtracks. At 9.15 pm, actress Sabrina Crocco will present the evening in the Sala Arena Groupama, introducing the Artistic Director Giorgio Ginori and the director Matteo Rovere, who will intervene to present his latest film: The first King. Next, the screening of the film, which has already won over audiences and critics, and that takes us back to the origins of the legendary birth of Rome. Two brothers, Romulus (played by Alessio Lapice) and Remo (played by Alessandro Borghi), in an ancient and hostile world, will challenge the implacable will of the Gods.

After the great success of Veloce come il vento, Matteo Rovere engages in a difficult undertaking, a real blockbuster, with few dialogues in proto-Latin and with fourteen months of post-production. A violent film, brutal and wild, filmed with natural light and with very few special effects, enriched by the undisputed talent of Alessandro Borghi, winner of the David di Donatello for his masterful interpretation of Stefano Cucchi in the film Sulla mia pelle and from the promising actor Alessio Lapice, a face known for having participated in the second season of Gomorra.

An unusual, epic, original, ambitious, courageous work, capable of taking risks.

On the opening night of June 20, an event dedicated to Poetry will also be held. At 7.00 pm, the “CINEMAMOREMIO” dances will open, to celebrate the 25th edition of L’Isola del Cinema. For the occasion, forty poets of the group of the “Marathon of Poets”, conceived, organized and directed by Francesca Farina, poet, writer and literary critic, in collaboration with Roberto Piperno, poet and cultural operator, will parade showing poems related to favorite films , to then gather at the Cinelab, where they will read the same poems alternating on the stage.