The curtain rises on “L’Isola del Cinema”

“Mamma Roma e le Città Metropolitane” Short film contest In partnership with ROMA BEST PRACTICES AWARD
6 May 2019
On line the programme from 13 to 30 June
13 June 2019

The curtains rises on the silver screen that will light the summer night of our evocative location, the Tiber Island. Our wide programme, including Italian and international award-winning productions, will enrich the first week of the Arena Venue, with a screening every night at 930pm.

On Wednesday June 13th we open with the greatest of shows, with magic, beauty, reality and illusion: the musical THE GREATEST SHOWMAN by Micheal Gracey, nominated at both Academy Awards and Golden Globes, following the life and adventures of Phineas T. Barnum: the men who invented circus.

On Friday June 14thwe fly back in Italy with the international well known director, Gabriele Muccino, and its acclaimed movie A CASA TUTTI BENE, the portrait of a big Italian family who gather on island to celebrate their grandparent’s silver wedding; jealousy, old arguments, fights and feelings come to light as strong as the storm that has them stuck on the island.

On Saturday June 15th, BENEDETTA FOLLIA by Carlo Verdone will be the protagonist of the evening, with a comedy that re-proposes the classic repertoire of the great Roman director, a movie seasoned with an exhilarating comedy and a background of melancholy bitterness, paints the thousand facets of  the human nature, or rather the Roman one. Guglielmo, owner of a shop selling religious items, will have to deal with the young, eccentric and volcanic Luna, the new saleswoman, who will bring some healthy madness into his life.

On Sunday June 16th we will present the sentimental drama A FAMILY AFFAIR by the Japanese director, Kore’eda Hirokazu, winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival: an acute and refined analysis of family relationships, that extends to touch the most intimate strings of the human spirit.

On Monday June 17th, the masterpiece by Guillermo Del Toro, THE SHAPE OF WATER, winner of the Golden Lion for Best Film at the 74th Venice International Film Festival and winner four Oscar Awards. A dark fable telling a poetic love story, tormented and poignant, where the marginalized, the weak manage to defeat the barriers and overcome the boundaries, going beyond time and space.

Monday June 18th, IL SACRIFICIO DEL CERVO SACRO di Yorgos Lanthimos,  halfway between a psychological thriller and a horror, sometimes gory and surrealist, it refers to the sacrifice with which Iphigenia ends in Àulide, which inspired the script, and tells the story of a boy who enters the serene and peaceful life of a surgeon and his family.

Tuesday June 19th, Joe Wright’s THE DARKEST HOUR follows the crucial moment of choice, by the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, played by an extraordinary Gary Oldman, between the armistice with Nazi Germany and the intervention in the conflict.


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