Short movie contest MAMMA ROMA e le Città Metropolitane

31 March 2019
Curiosities about Tiber Island
1 April 2019


For its 25th edition, L’Isola del Cinema, renews its shot feature contest “Mamma Roma”, aiming at lend it national significance by expanding the call to the territories of the 14 Italian Metropolitan Cities.

Now into its 6th edition, our contest is promoted by CNA – Cinema e Audiovisivo, Roma Lazio Film Commission, Maiora Film, Best Practice Awards and targets young filmakers and videomakers (under 35), cinema academies and schools and to who wants to take part by submitting a short feature film that focuses on telling the stories of one of the 14 Italian metropolitan cities. It is about the “Cinema of reality”, from the city centre to the suburbs, where young filmekers are invited to take place with their stories, telling us the backgrounds, the people, the emotions and the places of those cities, just alike small digital tile of a much larger and astonishing mosaic.

Through those audiovisual production the authors will get in touch with our cities and their territories and areas, interpreting and representing their urban scenarios in their own artistic ways, and then giving them back to the audience.

Deadline: 5 August 2019.


  •  MAMMA ROMA Award:  “Best shot feature film” €500
  • MAIORA Awaes: The nominees will be distributed on our web platform

Click  HERE to download the call.