Short movie contest MAMMA ROMA e le Città Metropolitane
1 April 2019
Accurate witness of our everyday life, both in the past and in the present life, food is concept halfway between welcoming the traditions that it symbolises and the originality of the diversity that it represents. The Cinema, the mean of expression by definition, did not disregard this cultural and artistic tie with food: from the holiness of the meals had by the main characters in In the Mood for Love, to the hidden tension of the meals in Phantom Thread, food was given the role of storyteller. Personal and social relationships get dominated by this “ingredient”, seemingly simple, but saturated with meanings as explained by Sofia Coppola who, through the mean of the colorful and sumptuous feast, unveils the tastes of her Marie Antoinette in order to rough out the personality of this historical character. The outdoor breakfasts scenes recall the masterpieces of the Impressionist painters in Call Me by Your Name by Luca Guadagnino where the power of sensuality gets embodied in a peach. Food is also the protagonist of the reborn of one of the characters in Julie&Julia, just like it happens to Julia Roberts once her character arrives in Rome in Eat, Pray, Love. Rome can boasts a history of images and situations, celebrated by the “american” in the Urbe Alberto Sordi’s and Aldo Fabrizi’s spaghetti, and by the fried mozzarella breads eaten by Bruno and Antonio in Bicycle Thieves to the meals in Amarcord.L’Isola del Cinema, with its wide selection of lounges and restaurants, embodies the idea of a Country established on food and beverage, where food is part of our culture and our Italian philosophy of life. Food draws from our traditions and celebrates or identity, in order to allow the blending of foreign cultures to create a new original and unique language.

Naomi Roccamo